Maltajo Productions
Joseph Gauci: Sound Design


976 WWF Hotline, 976 Santa Clause line, Freddy Kruger Halloween Hotline, The WHO Hotline, Ozzy Osborn Hotline, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince Hotline, Sportsphone, Nickelodeon’s and now Disney’s animated series “Doug” and theatrical release of “Doug’s First Movie”, “Aladdin” Television series, “Timone and Pumba” Television series, Nickelodeon’s “Kablam” series, ABC Television, AT&T, IBM, Burger King, Mercedes, Fosters, Charter Communications, Time Warner Communications, Dr. Scholl’s, Sony Music, Madison Square Garden Networks, Pizzeria Uno Restaurants, Lincoln Center Theater, The Bravo Network. King World Hollywood Squares, Wheel Of Fortune and Jeopardy, Mercedes Benz, Dodge, Pfizer Viagra and Ben Gay, UPS, US Cellular, Super cuts, Procter and Gamble Nyquil, TV Food Network, PepsiCo SoBe, Virgin Mobile, Neosporin, Colgate Toothpaste, Mojo Channel, Comcast, Cablevision, BMW Motorcycles, National League Soccer, Discovery Channel, Comedy Central, NASCAR, Mercedes Benz, Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet, Movies: A Definite Maybe, Meeting Resistance, An Affirmative Act, Sin & Lyle, Friend & Foe.


Okay, so a picture’s worth a thousand words.
But don’t forget the sound.

At Maltajo Productions, we provide satellite digital audio post production and sound design that can bring your project to pulsating life, whether it’s Film, TV, Radio, Multimedia or anything else with a digital pulse…everything from in-your-face car chases to chirping birds, from inspirational music to messy mayhem. Heck, if you need a craggy or mellifluous voice for that trailer or commercial, we can do the casting.


Our client list extends a lot farther than the New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Tucson area. With the ability to download your OMF audio and QuickTime picture files from our FTP site we can take your elements and create broadcast quality mixes for all your spots and presentations while you are in your office anywhere in the country. We upload your mixes directly to your email address. No longer do you need to travel to have your audio mixed for inflated prices. With our Satellite Studio Services you will save over 50% on all your mixing and sound designing needs anywhere in America!

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